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  • Music PR

    "Whenever we have been to Canada, Diane has stepped up, gotten us great press, and brought good people into our circle."- Perry Farrell

  • Film PR

    "“Skylar Entertainment has done an outstanding job with the publicity of the Female Eye Film Festival and has continuously secured major media coverage for our films and talent.” – Leslie Ann Coles, FeFF Founder/Director

  • Actor PR

    "If it wasn’t for Diane working the red carpet I would never have had photographs of me splashed all over the web & had interviews with Entertainment Tonight, Maxim & E!."– Marianthi Evans, Max Payne

  • Event P

    "Very impressed by the professionalism, networking, attendance and execution of the event.” – Sandy Hum, Director of Marketing, Ideal Developments Group

  • Monday September 8, 2014 during the Toronto International Film Festival


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