With more than 12 years’ in the music industry, Skylar Entertainment has established a reputation as an honest, dedicated and creative PR agency.  From International celebrities to local indie projects, they utilize strategic experience, creative skills and solid relationships to increase industry, media and public awareness.

As an active FACTOR Juror, Diane Foy knows what it takes to launch a successful album release and has participated in panels for Music Ontario, Indie Week, North by North East and the Northern Ontario Music & Film Conference.  Media outlets have sought her out for interviews including Straight Talk on Sun News Network (PR Crisis Management for Celebrities), CanWest News (Image & Branding), Indie Can Radio on XM (Music Industry & PR), chartattack (Music Industry & PR), fyi Music (Queen of the Industry), Canadian Music Network and Spill Magazine (Industry Expert).


Artists have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, etalk, Canada AM, Much Music, Much More Music, YTV, Breakfast Television, Sun TV and in Canadian Musician, Exclaim, Globe and Mail & every major weekly, daily & digital media outlet across Canada and beyond.


Whenever we have been to Canada, Diane has stepped up, gotten us great press, and brought good people into our circle.
Perry Farrell, Sattelite Party, Jane's Addiction
Diane Foy is one of a handful of publicists that are actually down to earth and treats people like human beings instead of automatons. She gets the job done with minimum stress and maximum efficiency. I so appreciate her!
Sass Jordan, Singer / Songwriter
I had interviews in pretty much every city on the last national tour. She also went above and beyond in pitching me to industry and spreading the word.
Peter Katz, Singer / Songwriter
Diane Foy has shown a truly professional, reliable and efficient work ethic that is rare in this industry.
Jake Gold, Management Trust
Diane is a personable and diligent worker. She produced results for us when we needed them and stayed on top of all angles with thorough and thoughtful follow-up.
Rob Higgins, Dearly Beloved
When you want the word out, Diane Foy is the one. She has done a great job for Sudden Death Records. Diane is inventive and determined and will dig up max publicity.
Joe Keithley, D.O.A., Sudden Death Records
Diane is highly charismatic and really cares about her clients, ensuring they are at the right events at the right time, meeting the right people in order to help them build their brand.
ESMA, Artist
I have been involved with a number of Publicist’s over the years, but Diane Foy is hands down one of the best.
Brian Hetherman, Curve Music
Diane is well-known in the industry and has an outstanding reputation among journalists. I have worked with her many times and she is always available to provide info or to coordinate interviews.
Karen Bliss, Journalist, Rolling Stone, Billboard
Diane is a diligent and thorough publicist who has the best interests of her clients at heart. Diane has her finger on the pulse of the entertainment world, and is a pleasure to work with!
Tara Slone, Breakfast Tv, Rogers
Diane knows what I need and always seems to put the needs of me and her clients first. She rolls with the punches and tells it like it is.
Joe Chisholm, Indie Can Radio, XM
Diane has certainly picked up the pace- I’m impressed with how she stays on top of it. …we can see the results
Alex Johnson, Big Sugar, Grady Management
Diane’s dedication and attention to detail, coupled with her love of music, made her an obvious choice for us. Her efforts on behalf of our artists has been of the highest quality.
Alfie Williams, Cordova Bay Records


  • CD Release & Tour Publicity – Whether you want to increase local or regional buzz or you are set for a full national tour, we will target the media right for your project.  We target all possible opportunities from daily/weekly papers & blogs to national magazines & TV.
  • International Music Blogs:  Why limit your audience to your home country when there are thousands of music bloggers around the world looking to showcase the next big thing.   We will target bloggers and influencers in your niche music genre and solicit spotlights, reviews and interviews to increase your profile.
  • Festival Publicity:  At festivals there are many artists competing for the same few media spots & for getting industry and fans out to their showcases.  A plan of action and a publicist with the right contacts are vital in getting noticed in the crowd.
  • Social Media Consulting: These days social media is vital to success and if the artist is not active on key platforms they are missing out on important fan connections and media opportunities.  We can provide social media training and give tips on how to best utilize it to increase the artists profile.
  • Biography Writing: Professional  Bio writing consists of an interview, rough draft, edits and final version.
  • Photography:  The quality of your artist photographs are often the deciding factor on whether or not the media will feature the artist.  Diane Foy is an experienced photographer that will work with the artist to ensure the images are in line with the artists brand.



    Abandoned Souls
    Abstract Artform
    Acres of Lions
    Amanda Davids
    Amy Heffernan
    Audio Network
    Audio Playground

    Before the Flood
    Betty Moon
    Beyond The Mountain
    Big Sugar
    Blue Skies At War
    Brandon Jones
    Brian Byrne
    Bryce Jardine
    Buck Brothers

    Cee Knowledge (Doodlebug of Digable Planets’)
    Celia Palli
    Chinese Food
    Chris Koster
    Crash Kelly

    Dan Kosub
    Dan Politano
    David Martel
    Dearly Beloved
    Debbie Fortnum
    Decade of Sleep

    Elephant 12
    Eli T
    Emily Weedon & Delta
    Eugene Ripper

    Federal Lights
    Fernando Saunders
    5th Projekt
    Five Alarm Funk
    Future Native

    Gary Hoey
    Georgia Germein & the Germein Sisters
    Glass Ampp
    Go For The Eyes
    Gordie Johnson
    Grasshopper Soundclash

    Heather Ballentine
    Heather Hill
    Hennie Bekker
    Hyena Dog Robbery

    Imaginary Cities

    Jasmine Richards
    Jeff Dalziel
    Joe Keithley

    Karina Es
    Kat Lucas
    Krista D

    Laure Shang
    Lee Mellor
    Les Stroud
    Lily Frost
    Linda M.
    Lindsay Broughton
    Living Proof

    Mandy Kane
    MC Shadow
    Melissa Rebronja
    Meredith Shaw
    Myla X Dafusia

    Needle and The Pain Reaction
    Neil Leyton
    NJ Taylor
    North Easton


    Paul James Berry
    Peasant Moon
    Perry Farrell
    Peter Katz
    Phil Solem (The Rembrandts)

    Rebecca Nazz
    Red Light Rippers
    Reno McCarthy
    Return for Refund
    Ryan Luchuck

    Sabrina Korva
    Sass Jordan
    Satellite Party
    Sean Ashby
    Sean Kelly
    Shane Chisholm
    Sonia Funk
    Sound & Fury
    Stephanie Braganza
    Stephen Farrell
    Suitcase Sam

    Tacoma Redd
    Tara Priya
    The Blackchords
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