+ DOA Memorabilia Available At Event For Donations

For Immediate Release:  January 19, 2017; Joe Keithley, BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver and deputy leader Matt Toner are kicking off Keithley’s campaign to represent Burnaby-Lougheed in the upcoming B.C. election on February 1, 2017 at the Admiral Pub & Grill.

“I will honestly represent our citizen’s concerns in the legislature if I am elected,” says Keithley. “It’s really about giving power back to the people. Grassroots democracy is what I am all about. I have lived my entire life in Burnaby and I grew up two blocks from the Kinder Morgan oil tank farm. I and the BC Green Party will fight to stop the pipeline expansion.”

The Green Party will also work to put money back into the education system that the BC Liberals have almost starved to death. They will also work to create good paying jobs through ‘green’ technology and lessening our dependence on fossil fuels. The BC NDP and the BC Liberals only answer to the special interest groups that give them money; the Greens will work to stop those campaign donations, so our citizens have more say in our great province.

“Since I announced my candidacy a few months back, I have been telling folks that I am out to turn the system on its ear and that I will battle for them and for grassroots democracy where people actually have a real say,” says Keithley. “Because of that, the level of support has been amazing. If we rise up we will stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, we will stop our elections from being bought, and we will give the establishment class of pathetic politicians a giant kick in the ass.”


Meet BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, deputy leader Matt Toner and candidate Joe Keithley Wednesday February 1st 6 PM – 9PM at the Admiral Pub & Grill, 4125 E. Hastings, Burnaby (near Gilmore).

Admission is free, appetizers will be served and good times had.  There will be a lot of DOA memorabilia on display, which can be yours if you donate to Joe’s campaign.

Event Invite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/joe-keithley-burnaby-lougheed-bc-green-campaign-launch-fundraiser-rare-doa-memorabilia-available-tickets-31267660414?aff=es2

DONATE to Joe’s campaign. You can directly make an online donation here https://greenpartybc.nationbuilder.com/donate_ra?riding=17  If you want to mail a cheque, please note on the front of the cheque: “JOE KEITHLEY CAMPAIGN” Here’s the mailing address: BC Green Party PO Box 8088 STN Central, Victoria BC V8W 3R7 Canada *All donations by BC residents will receive a tax credit receipt that will get you up to 75% of your donation back on your taxes.








Joe grew up in Burnaby and he graduated from Burnaby North. He then went to SFU to pursue his dreams of becoming a civil rights lawyer. But that ambition was soon set aside when he started his band D.O.A., which went onto world wide acclaim and sold a million albums along the way. He has also been the president of a highly successful record company/music management business for the past 20 years. From this enterprise, he has learned how to organize large teams of people and negotiated hundreds of contracts. Joe would apply this common-sense approach if elected.

His background is in the music business, but he’s also a husband and a proud father three successful grown children and of course he’s a committed environmentalist. Joe has been an active volunteer coaching youth lacrosse, soccer and baseball in Burnaby. He has organized and performed at many benefit concerts for good and just causes like women’s rights, environmental issues, union rights, first nations rights, as well as events against war, racism and weapons proliferation. Joe has also staged many benefit events for our local food banks.