For Immediate Release: November 2, 2016 (Toronto, ON)

Davey D Releases Classic Rock Inspired Mercy’n’Sin

When Canadian rocker Davey D (David De Giuli) decided to give up the corporate world to become a rock singer he didn’t just want to sing, he wanted to be able to sing like his rock legend heroes Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Brian Johnson and Axl Rose.  He dedicated countless hours to studying and practicing so that he could reach those high notes and maintain that power on stage.  It is no surprise then that his latest album Mercy ‘n’ Sin features a collection of originals inspired by classic rock anthems.

The album was produced by multi-instrumentalist jazz musician and songwriter Mark Zubek, who has worked with Grammy winning jazz singer Betty Carter, Jack DeJohnette, Mark Turner, Tony Levin and has performed with Wynton Marsalis.  “Having a huge jazz background is something that came later in life, my first love was rock radio,” says Zubek.  “Davey’s music brought me back to my youth and gave me a chance to unleash the “inner rebel” who hasn’t seen the light of day in awhile!  I think that’s what made us a perfect fit.  I could take all of Davey’s song ideas and help finish them and bring them to light, especially because I grew up playing all those rock instruments.”

Long before the recent 30 Days, 30 Songs project in which major music stars are contributing songs about Donald Trump for an online playlist, Davey released “TRUMP!”  The album has an inspiring theme with songs like “Otherside” and “Stick To Your Guns.” “My parents were Italian immigrants and were afraid to take risks so my dreams of becoming a rock singer was not an option early on,” Davey says. “Otherside” is about being told that you can’t, that those dreams are for other people, not us.  I listened at first and followed a more traditional path, however, now I’m going for it which, brings us to “Stick to Your Guns” as people will challenge you if you go against the grain.”

Davey wasn’t the only one in the family to take that risk as his cousin Johnny Dee (De Giuli) co-founded Honeymoon Suite in 1981 and the band continues to record and tour in 2016.


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