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Diving into the Unknown is a film about a group of Finnish divers who set out on a secret mission to bring the bodies of their friends’ home after a deadly accident in a deep underwater cave.

TORONTO (April 13, 2016) “Cave diving is one of the most dangerous jobs and hobbies in the world, requiring a huge amount of both physical and mental strength and stamina,” says Diving Into the Unknown Director Juan Reina. “The more I looked into the subject, the more certain I became that there was a powerful story to be told here.”  That story will be making its North American premier as part of the World Showcase at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, taking place in Toronto, Ontario April 28 – May 8.

The original focus for the film was a group of Finnish divers that were preparing to attempt a new world record for the longest cave dive. While the group was preparing for the dive, a terrible accident happened 130 m below the surface in an underwater cave in Norway. Two divers drowned and three miraculously survived. When the official recovery operation is called off by the Norwegian and British authorities after being deemed too risky, the friends set out on a secret mission to retrieve the bodies themselves.

“Obviously the accident devastated everyone involved and our film project was put on hold, but when the official recovery operation was aborted and the three survivors decided to organise their own, we were invited to join them,” explains Reina. This dramatically changed the entire storyline, however the thematic approach remained the same.

“We knew this would be an extraordinary mission and a powerful story, but at the same time we also knew that it would have to be captured with absolute respect for the victims and their families,” Reina explains. “The idea of going to any lengths to bring your friends home is certainly noble. But this story is even more complex as ultimately it asks the question: Is this something that’s worth dying for?”

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Sun, May 1 3:30 PM @ TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 (Producer Juho Harjula & Director Juan Reina in attendance)

Tue, May 3 1:15 PM @ TIFF Bell Lightbox 3 (Producer Juho Harjula & Director Juan Reina in attendance)

Sun, May 8 10:30 AM @ TIFF Bell Lightbox 3

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