U.K.’s Tim Arnold To Release A Song for Sexuality, Gender, Diversity and Racial Equality: WHAT LOVE WOULD WANT









Last year, Iggy Pop compared the music of Tim Arnold to David Bowie.  This year, taking pride in his unique background as a straight, mixed race son of lesbian parentage, Arnold has written a song in response to the divisive and for some, frightening times we are living in.

When writing the song, Arnold was inspired by both Emma Watson’s He for She campaign and Stephen Fry’s seminal speech on the Catholic Church’s condemnation of gay people.

In lyrics that challenge all those who threaten it, “What Love Would Want” is a simple, poetic song championing diversity and love without barriers or shame.  The video is a first in featuring couples who are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, mixed race and interracial. The music video will be released internationally on May 17th.

Yahoo UK Facebook Live Interview https://www.facebook.com/YahooUK/videos/1553695341331258/

Addicted Magazine Interview http://www.weraddicted.com/addicted-inspirations-tim-arnold/


Tim Arnold will lead a public gathering of all genders, all races and all sexual orientations on the streets of Toronto in celebration and to raise awareness of IDAHOT and the UN’s He for She Campaign through music, crowd sing-a-longs, handing out educational flyers, holding up slogans/posters and sharing on social media.

Official Hashtags for Social Media: #WhatLoveWouldWant #IDAHOT #HeForShe

*We encourage the public to join in the celebration with hand-made signs, t-shirts, buttons and more with gender equality messages!

Inspiration for Signs & Slogans: IDAHOT Posters Woman’s March Signs 150 Feminist Slogans  Transgender Quotes


Wednesday May 17th

1:45pm – Church & Wellesley Public Meet Up

2:00pm – 3:00pm – Sing-a-longs, handing out IDAHOT & He For She flyers

3:00pm – 3:15pm – walk to Yonge/Dundas Square

3:15pm – 4:15pm – Sing-a-longs, handing out IDAHOT & He For She flyers


TORONTO: Meet at Barbara Hall Park at 519 Church Street and later walk to Yonge & Dundas Square. Google Maps


To raise awareness of IDAHOT and the UN’s He for She Campaign, U.K. artist Tim Arnold is releasing a music video for Sexuality, Gender, Diversity and Racial Equality titled “What Love Would Want.” After meeting Arnold during Canadian Music Week, blockchain innovators Musicoin decided to bring him back to Toronto for the release day events.

IDAHOT: In under a decade, May 17 has established itself the single most important date for LGBTI communities to mobilise on a worldwide scale. The Day represents an annual landmark to draw the attention of decision makers, the media, the public, opinion leaders and local authorities to the alarming situation faced by lesbian, gay, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people and all those who do not conform to majority sexual and gender norms.

HEFORSHE: HeForShe is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women. Its goal is to engage men and boys as agents of change by encouraging them to take action against negative inequalities faced by women and girls. Grounded in the idea that gender equality is an issue that affects all people—socially, economically and politically—it seeks to actively involve men and boys in a movement that was originally conceived as “a struggle for women by women”.


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