rudy1-140x160For Immediate Release:  September 15, 2015:  Film Producer Rudy Langlais will be a featured guest at the Toronto Eco Film Financing Conference and TV show taking place Wednesday, September 16, 2015 during TIFF.  Consisting of a series of interviews and roundtable discussions, Toronto Eco explores the state of film finance and the related creative financiers, vehicles and the complex strategies that are supporting today’s film industry.  The 2015 Edition will be broadcasted live on Eyedo TV and viewers can ask panelists questions via the internet.

Former journalist, City Editor of the Village Voice and Executive Editor of Spin Magazine, Langlais has produced such films as The Hurricane, the saga of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s journey to freedom, Sugar Hill, which starred Wesley Snipes as the son of a ravaged Harlem family trying to save what’s left of them, Who Killed Atlanta’s Children?, recounting his own investigation for SPIN of the series of brutal slayings in Atlanta, which featured Jim Belushi and Gregory Hines, and Redemption for 20th Century Fox and the FX Network, which starred Jamie Foxx in his Golden Globe-nominated role as Stanley Tookie Williams, the founder of the Crips gang, who was nominated for seven Nobel Prizes for writing children’s books.

Presently, Langlais is producing for Beacon Childhood’s End, Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction classic of man’s next provocative evolutionary stage; Any Four Women, a caper film with four sophisticated women running the caper; 2 Guys On The Job, about domestic surveillance; and When We Were Glorious, the story of William ”Wild Bill” Donovan, founder of America’s first central intelligence agency.

Born in the Caribbean, as journalist, editor and producer, Langlais has worked with a number of the leading journalists and writers of the past 25 years, including Pulitzer Prize-winner Norman Mailer, Pete Hamill, Jack Newfield, Stanley Crouch, Quincy Troupe, Ishmael Reed, Milos Forman, Alexander Cockburn, and Jack Briley.




*Sponsored By Deutsch, Levy & Engel, MBM Intellectual Property Law and GTV Intellectual Property Law.

1:30pm : Art of pitching

Corky Kessler will make a special conference about art of pitching. Tori Avey and James Pasternak will be joining Corky to evaluate and comment on actual pitches.

2pm : Development movie panel

Challenges in the development process of a movie in 2015 INVITED SPEAKERS: Rudy Langlais – Royal Palm, Maurice Joshua, Tori Avey, and Chris Helwink

2:45pm : International Co-Productions & New Finance Trends

International Co-Productions and other non-recoup able financing are essential to reduce the risk profile of a film investment. Films have to be created in a way that international co-productions can be applied efficiently. Discussions about constantly changing the landscape.  INVITED SPEAKERS: Michael Pellegrino, Daisy Hamilton – Tri Coast, and Doris Long — John Marshall Law School.

3:30pm : Booming film industry boosts South Africa’s economy

Welcome to the world of fantasy at Cape Town Film Studios (CTFS), a four-year-old, R380m ($35m) state-of-the art complex that is part of South Africa’s own version of Hollywood as the country becomes a destination of choice for many of the world’s top filmmakers. INVITED SPEAKERS: Pascal Schmitz, Mayenzeke Baza, Head of Acquisitions and EP at AAA Entertainment, Isaac Mogajane, Producer at Diprente

4:15pm : Show me the money

How to get money and the difficulty to get money for financing a movie. The Jump Start Act of 2012 helps and other advise from the panel experts.  INVITED SPEAKERS: Daisy Hamilton – Tri Coast, Vivian Van Dijk – EYES IN Magazine, Mike Pellegrino—–Relentless Entertainment.

5:00pm: Intellectual property issues

(the need for) real IP expertise for saving a lot of (time and) money.  INVITED SPEAKERS: Scott Miller – MBM, Kevin Grogan – Grogan, Tuccillo & Vanderleeden, Doris Long – John Marshall Law School, Jeff Schiller – DL&E


Toronto Eco aims to enlighten the audience with a behind-the-scenes look into how the critically acclaimed productions of the Toronto Film Festival are financed. French Production companies Paramax Films and Monde Ouest created The Eco Series and have filmed in Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festival each year since 2012, broadcasted on on Bloomberg TV and BFM Business.

This year’s edition will be moderated by International Entertainment Lawyer Corky Kessler from DL&E who regularly speaks on the business and legal aspects of feature film development and tax incentives in connection with the entertainment industry.  He is currently working with Rudy Langlais on the Miles Davis Movie based on the book “Miles & Me’ and the Bob Marley Film and a remake of the film Captain Blood.  He has been a featured speaker during Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and the American Film Market.


Diane Foy, PR Director

Skylar Entertainment