For Immediate Release:  November 26, 2014; (Toronto, ON); New grunge rock band Return for Refund released their debut EP this fall and Canadian campus radio took notice.  “They have been on the charts in Quebec for over two months and the EP is at number five at CFOU – Trois Rivieres, QC.,” says radio promoter Andrea Morris.  “Quebec loves this band!”  Return for Refund have also charted in the Maritimes, Ontario and BC.

Today the band releases their debut music video “The Fields” on their own youtube channel.

Music blog Live In Limbo exclusively premiered the video on Thursday and racked up over 500 views throughout the weekend.

“The Fields” was directed by Rich Misener, who has directed many videos for USS and Our Lady Peace.  “The idea for the video came from Rich,” says frontman Drew Clementino, “he had been wanting to use the location we performed at and a basic idea of that story line for some time. When he heard the song, he knew the derelict and broken down feel of that abandoned hotel was perfect.”

“The success at campus radio is really encouraging to us at a time when we weren’t really sure if people we going to dig what we were trying to do,” says Clementino. “It’s given us a whole new confidence and the desire to push our music out even further. We really feel like we’re at the beginning of a long road and we’re excited for the ride.”

Return For Refund Unplugged Series:

December 6 – The Gem, 1159 Davenport Rd., Toronto

December 13 – The Gem, 1159 Davenport Rd., Toronto

December 20 – The Gem, 1159 Davenport Rd., Toronto

December 27 – The Gem, 1159 Davenport Rd., Toronto